"Norman's News" is a weekly news article written from the point-of-view of our resident centre cat, Norman ("the Doorman"). 

Norman was the first cat to arrive with us here at the RSPCA Canterbury & District animal centre in 2012, and came to us in a bit of a sorry state! Poor Norman had been involved in a nasty traffic accident which resulted in significant injuries to all four of his legs. After several months of care and TLC from our team, Norman made a full recovery, and had become so settled here at the centre that he decided to stay!

Norman now lives at RSPCA C.A.D.A.C full time and - despite his "busy" schedule - sets aside time every week to inform the centre's followers (and his ever-growing fan base!) of the latest news and goings-on here via his popular weekly newspaper article, published each week in the Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable times.